Block: 12361119

This block was published on the blockchain on: 03-05-2021 12:04 GMT

The IPFS hash found in this block is: QmNatnjBTcHvWCpeDh7YvmKeUFvc6k53THoFw9tzeQvLbL

This block contains 122 statechanges. The table below shows the statechanges published in this block.

Ticket Sold in the Primary market

Statechange hash: zFsGM262QARK9sibD71FofWoYoXUUwLbBkdB8hXR6JXgV

Statechange corresponding event: zFsGM26dHCT3LekDMiN7wPawkME9wcT3Agy1XGbyXZhYf


Statechange hash: zFsGM263GdbVfxkf1sq9ZmSAngLksGNHuHQwtdSrY9Dp1


Statechange hash: zFsGM263NuEJo55cuHsP7MXtTwMVYLHtsdCFfk2C99EBo


Statechange hash: zFsGM264hKxMip191owRfvDYJm5UnAGwaUqDnMQ6fpKmg

Ticket unblocked

Statechange hash: zFsGM265kary4yChAG7t6rVRioiPbCi38kzHdhLG9w4VR

Statechange corresponding event: zFsGM28a3TGEpsXTd7TfYi2WZhMDF1LHNxz7hbJK3EEsS


Statechange hash: zFsGM26aCbgeJVxJeyWocerc7F3Phh9UaRVQ1A1uD8n2X

Ticket Sold in the Primary market

Statechange hash: zFsGM26AiQFrWvYr3mLdXQ5hKBgDjPyMtDvd9nryvQs5k

Statechange corresponding event: zFsGM26vVyDsKg5opRAnXtsdDNr32eZMNjguPfGHbV1uk


Statechange hash: zFsGM26AjGU1qb1dUndJEurZ7VzjgpJTFBHVLX7bVV3dR


Statechange hash: zFsGM26AQNaphKqdrjpsV5squCPzkScv7CaT3BST5Fyub


Statechange hash: zFsGM26bAaCN4imUVztaAyhPKg8tNTAfYzGRL7Ssdg3Ei

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