The GET Token

The fuel of the protocol

The GET token is required for each interaction in the GET Protocol. The token is the fuel of the system. It is needed for each statechange that occurs when a ticket is for example created, sold or scanned.

Since the Protocol can’t function without GET, the token is stored by speculators who hope that it will raise in value as the protocol grows. Some hold the token for days, others for months and some even for years.

This page will try to display some statistics about the tokens outside of the protocol. The goal is to give insights in the token movement activity and some statistics of the holders.

Amount of wallets with more than 5 GET tokens in it


Average GET tokens per active wallet


Amount of GET transactions in the last 24h


Amount of GET tokens transfered in the last 24h


Amount of GET tokens in wallets which haven't been touched for a year


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