Event: zFsGM27JijMJoXYJqkby96zGw4C7jhwutNHSr4vYaRTUu


(Hash: zFsGM27JijMJoXYJqkby96zGw4C7jhwutNHSr4vYaRTUu)

An event which was published on the blockchain on: 20-10-2020 00:00 GMT

This event contains 1 tickets and those tickets were responsible for 3 statechanges. The following statechanges have been found:

1 Tickets Created

1 Tickets Sold in the Primary market

1 Tickets unblocked

Ticket Hash: zFsGM27C4AGwGjQCcjsQo41Q4yGHNoAiqYsdQZj2PSDi7

11-06-2021 00:03 GMT --- Ticket unblocked

11-06-2021 00:03 GMT --- Ticket Created

11-06-2021 00:03 GMT --- Ticket Sold in the Primary market

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