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This webpage contains information gathered from different sources. In different charts and tables the actual usage of the GET protocol is showcased.

Where a lot of projects which were launched during the blockchain hype of 2017 didn't came a lot further than releasing a whitepaper, which described a solution for a problem which didn't even exist, the GET Protocol foundation differentiate itself. The proof is visualised on this site.

Show me the proof.
Tickets/Upsell items sold in the last 24h


Tickets/Upsell items scanned in the last 24h


The current average GET price


Amount of events which used GET last 24h



GET tokens are bough back from the open market

For each statechange being processed the GET token is needed. This means GET is necessary when a ticket is created, sold, resold, being scanned etc. The amount of GET which is needed is partially bought back from the market and partially subsidized by the User Growth Fund. In the last buyback a single statechangecost €0.10 If this remains the same we can expect 8325 GET to be burned this quarter with a value of €20562. In total 4828 GET will be bought back from the open market. This is based on the current price of GET being €2.47

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Hi guys, I'm trying to maintain this site when possible When you have new idea's for widgets, or want to see more data, please speak to me on Telegram.

All data on this site is dynamic and updated 5 minutes after each full hour.

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